Faces of Barta’a, Israel

By Christin Davis


Rabin, Arab Palestinian resident of Barta’a village in Israel. Her husband’s family live 30 minutes away in the West Bank. Neither is allowed to visit the other. 

"Every day I say, why am I so cursed," she said. "Why do I suffer so much?"

Fatmeh and Yousef, Arab Palestinian residents of Barta’a village in Israel. They are also separated from family just minutes away by the separation wall. Married before Israeli law no longer allowed those born in the West Bank but married to an Arab in Israel, Fatmeh has to reapply for temporary identification every year. She said it is a grueling process.  

"It is like being totally paralyzed," Fatmeh said. "The most important thing is stability, without it I cannot think. I feel saddened every day."